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Store Credit

Books.  We all have some lying around here or there that we've read one or two times now, and while wonderful, they are taking up space that could be used for better things, like different or new books!  So, we have just the thing, a store credit trade-in system.  Bring your books here to "Untitled" and we will offer you a store credit for you to then take home new and different books!  Anything from just a handful of titles, to whole collections, and everything in between, I'd be happy to see what you have and make offers on what we want.  Dropping in will often work fine, but if the collection is larger in number (250+) a call ahead may suit you well.  Or, for the truly voluminous collection, appointments can be made for me to come to you!  We're always eager to add more books to the collection, so give us a call or drop in with your collection!  We also appraise items, so if the collection has value, it will be reflected.